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The Château Bussière is an exceptional property in Touraine, tucked away in a hidden valley off the beaten track.

Its name comes from the “Marquis de Bussière” of the Maussabré family who lived there for four centuries, up until 1936.

“Maussabré” was the name of an ancestor, a knight who was mutilated during the crusades and whose companions then called “le mal sabré” (badly hacked with a sabre) which later became Maussabré.

The castle was first mentioned in 1234, probable date of its construction, in the archives of the city of Tours. Refurbished during the Renaissance, its decorative elements reveal the magnificence of the period, as shown, for instance, in the exceptional bands containing the medallions.

The slate roof is in perfect condition and has been regularly checked and repaired in true traditional manner. It also contains handsome architectural elements, typical of the Renaissance. The castle still has many traces of the 13th century.

One can imagine the battles against the Sarrasins in the two defence towers, the machiolations and the rampart walks, with encorbelled brattices and murder holes.
The property consists of thirty hectares (roughly 70 acres) of cleared woods and fields all around the buildings.
The Château is situated in the southern part of the Touraine area, 250 kms from Paris via the A10 motorway.
The closest station is TOURS St Pierre des Corps which 55 mins is away from Paris on the express TGV train, and 1H 30 from Roissy airport. It is one hour away from both Poitiers and Tours Nord airports (with a direct Tours to London flight).
The closest town LOCHES is 5kms away and has an International school.
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Owner-Manager realtor for Chateau de Bussiere

Contact: Chantal Bouvier de Lamotte
Chateau de Bussiere 37600 Loches France