Diane Fisher

Diane Fisher

Diane with her first CD
Diane with her first CD

Diane Fisher



HI. I am a new singer songwriter. My FIRST CD is out in a couple of weeks! This is all so exciting. I am new to all of this. My passion is creating! My music is upbeat with lyrics that I am sure you can relate to in some way. I am a late bloomer. I invite you to come see me tell me what you think. And if you like my stuff share me with your friends. I look forward to see you, and growing music and biz together. God Bless.

Contact Info:

goldenlion88@gmail.com (work)

goldenlion88@gmail.com (home)


Hello everyone! Welcome!!

I LOVE makin music! Music, salve for the soul.

Come with us on a healing journey. I believe, that’s what music can do for us. Touch us deeply, in the foundations of our soul, in a way that only music can do.

Thank you for taking the time to drop’ in. Roam around and chk us out. We are intent on givin’ ya what you need. SO see what’s here and let us know what else you wanna see.

Some stuff you will see, of course is my first CD comin soon, and personal stuff about me and my music, how it has evolved….pics, vids and posters comin’ soon.

And, lots of motivational stuff to get your steam pumpin’ more to continue manifest prosperity for each of us.

And this is Platinum wisdom! Bigger than pearls, there are some stuff I have been told in the twenty seven years of my aware healing journey, that is worth hundreds of thousands ‘cash money’ that I spent on therapy, (and plenty of it) seminars, workshops, retreats, intensive weekend programs, and ‘treasured’ life experience.

Thank you guys too for your lovi’n words and support. You are really great! I deeply appreciate each of your kindness, and warm words, which seem to glow me when I need them most.

While you’re here, give a listen to my first signature song, like you have a choice, ahaha, you really can mute it, after you’ve heard it like ten times, or use it as a subliminal affirmation!!!

Whatever you do, whoever you may be, or however long you choose to be here, I hope you get what you need, and stop back in as we change up and grow our musical magic together.

“I believe, we are the sum total of what we believe, say, and do. I believe there comes a day we have to decide, if we want to continue dreaming our dreams, or begin to live them”.

I celebrate you and each of us, to be in life with the dream.

God Bless,

Diane Lorraine Fisher
‘Dee Dee’

Dee Dee

Diane Lorraine Fisher