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Yeva & Alien
Yeva & Alien copyright by Yeva

Here you find Yeva's outstanding poetry

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Ezekiel’s Encounter 1994

It always was so clear to me,

I hope you’ll take it well

As right as rain in black and white

Those words by Ezekiel.


He witnessed All with his own eyes

Described the best he could,

At first he didn’t realize

If they were bad or good.


The heavens opened from the north

The Fire filled the sky,

Ezekiel was really shocked

And wondered "How and Why"


The rings with eyes were high above

Held up by the magic force.

He was confused and terrified

By a bunch of UFOs.


The Amazing spacecrafts touched the ground

Reflecting the neon light

The rotating wheels as lightning

Were radiant and bright


Ezekiel was blinded… Yet…

He could see better still

He’d seen the Light! Oh lucky man!

What an ecstatic thrill.


The creatures landed on the Earth

On the strangest wheels he’d seen

They were not animals, not men

But something in between


They had four wings on their four sides

Which wrapped the bodies tight

Perhaps they wore fine long robes

Flowing in the windy night.


Their hands were under their wings

The hands of a human being

It’s possible, that two or four of them

Were flying each machine


The creatures had four faces too.

The Man-Lion on the right

But on the left the face of an Ox

And Eagle by its side


Their feet were straight and their soles

Were just as calves or moose

Or maybe the man described at best

The golden platform shoes


The creatures radiated light

From their heads to their feet

They moved without looking back

Oh what a weird breed


Their heads were covered all around

But He still could see them through

What were their helmets made, of glass?

Here’s some home work for you


Above their heads was hovering

Another strange machine

With the eldest captain on its board

Who looked like a human being


The Loud voice came from the craft

Instructions followed… and then…

Ezekiel was lifted up

For a little ride with them


Imagine what he must have felt

That scared and simple man

The first man from the Earth to fly?!

It must’ve been some fun


The hissing noise of the space-machine

Confused his tired brain

Remember, that he’d never seen

A light bulb, a car or a plane


In fact he even didn’t know

That the world was round as ball

So Really He did very well

By describing IT at all


As strange as it may sound to you

The "God’s" sapphire throne

Could have been a blue plastic chair

Where the eldest sat alone


Of course he had to teach us Life

The Boss of the advanced race

So don’t forget, that our God

Came down from outer space


He did predict a lot of things

Because he moved with speed of light

If we could get that quick to stars

We’d see Christ get crucified


Sophisticated Being as God

Supreme in every way

"Created" Adam and then Eve

you’ve heard of DNA…


Remember what the bible said

God put Adam into a deep sleep

That anesthetic must’ve been strong

To remove his spare rib


When those two multiply in full

Experiment went wrong

Human beings played out of tune

And they didn’t sing the song


The modern man got as far as the moon

But there’s endless space

One day he’ll fly and will discover

The world of a simple race


The world as One we used to know

With no technology

Where even radio or matches

The gifts from Gods would be


Mr. Smith will come and go or stay

But stories will be told

The legends of "Deity" mr. Smith

Will be read by young and old:


"That strange sophisticated race

Who look so much like us

Who taught us in so many ways

And helped us in the past"


We resembled them, but help us God

We use 1/10 of our brain

If we use the rest or even half

Then more we would explain


If we use the brain, the good old world

Would be a better place

And All the warnings from above

We would digest with grace


Because They know, but we don’t

Please notice every sign

Crop circles… one of them to read

And some will blow your mind


They’re trying to tell us many things

And Yet… they let us Be,

The day might come, when they’ll get fed up

And "throw away the key"


The human being with all it knows…

And that’s not much at all

I hope that man will learn somehow

And will reach that highest goal


I am not trying to change your mind

I’m just opening the door

The prehistoric art in caves

Will tell you so much more


Just look at the paintings done by men

Thousands of years ago

Gods in helmets and space-suits

And crafts with magic glow


I should have written this in stone

So it will live forever… well…

I’ve done a few stranger things

That’s all, my name is Yeva.

copyright by Yeva