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Ghana - The Country : The Beauty of Ghana, in Fotos !

(The Country - Culture - Accra - People - Wildlife - The Volta River !)

Ghana at a Glance
Land area :
92,100 sq miles (238,537 sq km) Capital : Accra Independence: 6 March 1957
System of government: Multiparty democracy President: Prof John Evans Atta Mills Ruling party: National Democratic Congress (NDC)
National population: 20 million Languages: English is the official language. Local languages include Akan,Ga, Ewe, Dagbani, Hausa
Religion: Christians, Muslims and Traditional Currency: Cedis and Pesewas Main exports: Cocoa, Gold, Timber
more about the country:

Here the words of Steffen Bieser who has lived there:
I have lived for 3 1/2 years in Ghana, before I had to return to Germany, because of some Emergency OP, in the German Army Hospital in Berlin. Ghana is a very beautiful country, with a lot of very poor, but also very nice and peaceful people. I hope to be able to return pretty soon, so I can build-up our "African Bio-Farm," in Ghana, together with my wife Gloria !