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CFB Aircraft

TEL : +49-4403-939-178
FAX: +49-4403-64-929

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..the airline that makes you smile :-)

CFB is a private global aviation company providing Air Charter and Island Hopping Services since
Operating two Fuji FA 200´s and one Cirrus SR 20 as well as two Challenger 604´s and one
Gulfstream III for our Corporate Jet Division is CFB known for providing exclusive flight services where
the flight will become an experience them self instead of just simple air transport.
Offering our extraordinary Sight Seeing Air Tours ex our Home Base Wilhelmshaven along the North
Sea and its Frisian Islands is such just one of our exclusive flight experiences for our costumers
making aviation to an unforgettable experience instead of just flying from A to B.
Get your self fascinated from the spirit of aviation and take off in one of our private single engine
aircraft just for you either on private charter or in one of our sight seeing air tours with no more then 3
passengers on board giving the feeling of exclusivity instead of crowded fish can flying.
Our aircraft fleet of Fuji FA 200´s have very roomy cabin allowing comfortable and roomy seating even
for bigger passengers enjoying the flight. While the Fuji is a classic aircraft having proven its reliability
is the Cirrus a new aircraft with state of the art technology on board giving the same comfort as of our
Fuji fleet delivering VIP corporate jet feeling for a little price of a single engine aircraft.
Personal accommodation through our team of pilots and even the possibility in piloting one of our
aircraft under supervision of one of our pilots them self gives the maximum of accommodation
including a chance to look behind the scenes of the aviation industry and the secrets of flight.
We hope to welcome you in North Western Germany on board of our aircrafts to experience our flight
services while enjoying the wonderful coastline of the North Sea and its Islands which are one of the
most beautiful coastlines of Europe having the world largest Low Tide Arrear certified by the

With best Regards
Capt. Christoph Frey
Owner and President of CFB aircraft